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eRiscuri intr-o lume electronica

În 2005 eram încă la începuturile drumului meu în lumea managementului de risc şi securitate informaţională. Pentru a observa orientarea mediului de afacere spre zona INFOSEC şi ITSEC am derulat un studiu pe bază de chestionar (direct mail), studiu pe care l-am prezentat cu ocazia unei conferinţe la Cluj.
Încep azi o nouă serie de posturi dedicate acestui articol.
Titlu articol: E-Risk In E-World
Abstract: We are passing through a new “Big Bang”, the one of digital economy. We trade through e-Business (not to forget mobile business), we shop from e-Mall, we pay our taxes through e-Tax, we live in an e-Democracy and we are ruled by an e-Government.
But, all these new solutions mean new kinds of risk. We can see that the virtual space is now filled with highly “performance” viruses and worms, capable of attacking mobile phones, PDAs or car’s board computers; smart cards require new security measures; companies all over the world implement biometrics systems or behaviometrics system.
We have to understand that in the new economy information risks are everywhere. A good project manager would say: it is a high risk for no risks to be found…Obviously the risk exists! But it has not been identified. Learning about this will make the process of risk identification more productive and so leading to a successful management.
This paper tries to go on, in the same spirit, to some aspects about risk and information risk management in this world of “e-” where everything contains an element of risk.
So a risk management policy is required.
But according to Software Engineering Institute a question is born: If I implement risk management, does that guarantee success?
The answer is…No. There are many aspects to achieving program success.
So let’s see what to do to improve our chances of succeeding.
Keywords: information security, risk management, new economy, digital economy

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