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From E to M in the Businesses of the Digital Era

The internet technologies based commerce had only begun to remark itself on the business market and a new technologies wave appeared in order to improve the business processes – the mobile commerce.
It was only the year 2000 when a report called Wireless Web Wonder issued by IGI Consulting [1] predicted that gadgets as smart phones with large displays offering the capabilities for data entering and for complex calculations would become very important in our life and in our businesses. By that time IGI predicted that in the year 2002 there would be 175 millions of such smart phones and in the year 2003 330 people would use smart phones. Among them, 33% would use smart phones and PDAs in online commerce.
In the same spirit, in the year 2001 there was the rumor [2] that by the year 2005 wireless devices would be used in such areas as GPS systems, portable PCs, online data bases and data mining, video communications, founds transfers, online betting, online order, data transfers and so forth.
What all these means?
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