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Project Management in eWorld

When we speak about project management we understand that it means we are dealing with a complex activity which involves, among others, a strong relationship between members of the project team in terms of project information sharing or applying some complex project management models in our project plan. All these arguments, but not exclusively, justify the use of the specialized tools that can assist the project management activities. The implication of these, have the goal to support the project management process in all the related fields, like project risk management, project human resource management, project quality management and so on.
In this paper, beside the presentation of some technical aspects, I have tried to present the point of view of some specialist in project management and some of the best practices in this field from different companies. We have seen that also in this field of project management the software products gain more and more terrain. We have to be carefully not to step on the “other side of the balance” and to fail in project implementation due to too much trust in these solutions.
At the end we can cite Clive Weightman: “Of course, a “cookbook” doesn’t exist that produces a perfect project every time. Still, ignoring the advice of veterans almost certainly will trigger failure.”
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